Angry Voltarians express disgust over total neglect under Mahama's NDC in the wake of defeat

Angry Voltarians express disgust over total neglect under Mahama's NDC in the wake of defeat
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Upon all the big time projects Mahama has completed in central and ashanti region they still voted him down thinking they have a warehouse by name volta or voters region. 

Voltarians follow this NDC party for over 27years and yet we cannot boast of even one factory in the regional capital or let alone a stadium, the NDC led govt under Mahama has build a new stadium in Cape Coast a sugar factory the kotokoraba market, a starch factory, just to mention but a few all within 3 years. My dear Voltarians even as I speak the raod from Asikuma to Hohoe is one of the most terrible roads in West  Africa where you try to dodge one pot-hole you end up getting one free. 

All they can boast of is Uhas) and Ho market, Kejetia market in kumasi was constracted within 3years and its the largest traditional market in West  Africa, the road from Tamale to Wa is now a first clas road, new military hospital in  Kumasi,  the second international airport in Tamale,  the domestic airport in Wa etc.

Nye Bro "efo kojo, komla, koku, yaw, kofi, kormi, korsi what can we boast of as Voltairain  within this 4years under NDC rural electrification has being a national cake well shared by all past govt so thats no news. Its only in the Volta region that no other political party has a parliamentary seat, apart from NDC to tell you just a litle about the issue concerning Uhas the only priority of the NDC in Volta they have open such university in all the 10 regions of Ghana so thats a gain no news  more so Volta region is bless with fertile lands and good tourist attractions and yet none of this tourist areas has being develop to standard.

There are still communities in Volta region that do not still have portable drinking water. Its sad to hearing people saying that NDC is a volta party meanwhile no development comes to us from this party. Our mothers and fathers have made us inherit this party for no reason and yet still we cannot  benefit, do you think there is a need to keep voting for them? Politics is all about give and take but "nyebro" we in the Volta region give and never take.

Ho which is the regional capital has nothing  interesting to talk about being it a recreational center a modern lorry station," a stadium" etc. How long can we be house wife of the NDX without pocket money? its sad its really really sad, but all I can say for now is to thank those who refusely refuse to vote in the Volta region am very proud of you why because  this will serve as a warning to them as a party that when you don't  keep your harvest in your warehouse it will end up empty when you are in need as it start now so shall it be until they realise that we play a very important roll in bringing them to power.

As the saying goes"you will never know the value of your buttocks until it develops a boil", the NDC mps and the entire party have "POP" in their hands how to give is a major topic to be discuss later.  Don't you see how incumbent mps of the NDC have all loss their seats? What a shame. More is yet to come NDC should wait.

I end here and will continue later pls dont mind my Grammar or spelling  mistakes ok am just angry, its time to let them no that ewes are well educated and they cannot keep fooling us for long, but don't forget that an intelligent  enemy is better than a stupid close friend.

Feel free and share if u are a VOLTARIAN and you believe and feel touched